Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Water Heater Repaired

Hot water is like an essential, especially during the winter season. Without proper maintenance your water heater can malfunction at the time when you needed it the most. People with water heaters should know the basic indicators as to why you’re in need of a Water Heater Repair Calgary 

Tank-type water heaters are very basic and even though all of their components are important there are only a few of them, which means replacements doesn’t cost you to strain all your money from your wallet. If the problem is the water tank itself, then you’ll need to replace the entirety of it. 


Here are the signs that you need a repair: 


There is water leaking from the water heater 

It may be from the top or bottom but obviously leaking is a big no-no when it comes to water heaters. It may be possible that some parts are loose if it’s leaking from the top, fixing this can be easily done. 


There is no hot water 

There are 2 elements heating the water in an electric water heater. The heating elements may have failed to heat the water or the circuit broke and you will need to check the circuit breaker box if it’s still properly functioning.  


There is not enough hot water 

If this happens, it’s most likely an issue with the thermostat. With this, the best thing you can do is increase the temperature. During winter, hot water gets cooled down faster because of the cold weather.  


There are weird noises coming from the water heater 

If you hear a squeaking sound or other weird noises from your heater it’s probably because of debris being clogged up or built up at the bottom of the tank. Other reasons maybe because there is a leak somewhere or there’s too much pressure inside of it because the pipes are expanding. It’s mostly harmless but It’s better to have it inspected to know for sure.  


There is dirty colored water coming out 

An orangey colored water that smells like rust is often due to corrosion of the anode rods, or sometimes even the rusting of the water heater tank itself. Replacing the anode rods is easy but it’s best to seek professional help. 


There is a bad odor together with the hot water 

If the water smells bad, it’s due to buildup of bacteria in the tank. Flushing the water heater periodically should fix the problem temporarily, but this requires you to replace your anode rod so that it can get rid of the smell more efficiently.  


If you see these signs with your water heater, get it repaired right away. Preventing the water heater from a total severe damage is better than having it replaced. In Calvary, this issue is most common for Water Heater Service Repair Professionals especially when winter is coming up. If you think you need to have your Water Heater repaired you can go to Calgary Furnace and AC Repair’s website to find out more about their service since they’re readily available and accessible to locations at and near Calvary.