In building your new deck or patio, ensuring the best materials for the project will be your priority. While deciding between a composite and wood decking material might be easy, choosing for the right fasteners to be used in your deck could be confusing because there are wide options of fasteners for decking you need to consider. So how will you know which of those will be the best to use for your project? Which of these fasteners could withstand the elements, movement and moisture?  Fasteners are the one that hold your patio or deck together, this is also the part of a deck that frequently fails. Check these different screws and nails and what work best in building your deck. 


Types of Nails for Decks 

Nails are available in many size and shape. Choosing for the right nail will depend on the plans you have for your project. They are sized by the diameter of the head and the length of its shaft. There are also types of nails in addition to the size. 

  • Common nails- it has thick shank and large heads, often used for deck framing for they hold well but they are hard to drive because they tend to split the wood. 
  •  Box nails–Thinner shank than common nails but same in size, reduced the splitting chance of wood 
  • Spiral nails– Grip wood fibers, they are difficult to remove. 
  • Finishing nails– Small, barrel heads with slender shank and used most often for trimming work  
  • Casing nails– Larger type of finishing nails 

Stainless steel nails are best for decking because of their resistance to rust with a mild discoloration to wood like cedar however it is more expensive than other types of nails. Galvanized nails are more often used in building decks as it is more economical in term of price but still provide decent corrosion resistance. There are also aluminum deck nails, this type of nail is much softer and is easy to bend that will corrode when it come in contact with copper preservatives that is used in pressure-treated woods. For that reason, it is not recommended in

Types of Screws for Decks 

Like nails, screws come in many sizes and styles also. They are easier to drive into wood than nails and have stronger holding power as long as screw is drive correctly. They are also easier to remove compared to nails and not damaging the wood. But when it comes to deck building, some people are not using it for one reason, that the screw heads could accumulate small amount of water. However, screws are much better choice than nails in screwing deck boards as it doesn’t creep out of holes like nails do over time. The thread of the screw also helps it to stay attached even after years of weight and contact. 

Decking screws are different from other screws as they are being coated to resist corrosion, tapered, self-sinking and extremely sharp but stainless-steel screws has the highest level in terms of corrosion resistance but is more expensive. However, a small extra cost will be worth it to avoid serious injury or decaying deck. 



It is good to eat many kinds of food. It is nice to experience tasting the different foods that you can. But not all can very healthy for our teeth. Foods may cause some damage to your dental health and even to your body’s condition. For more information about the possible dental problem and check up’s you can go here Invisalign Bend 

Candies are some of the stuff that kids should not ingest regularly. Consuming too much sweet foods can result to plaque in your enamel. Too much sugar can definitely put your teeth in a risk. It is ok to eat candy but make sure that you would not consume it every single minute of the day. You can brush it as well after taking your candies into your mouth. Younger people could have some sugarless gums or chewable. This is one good replacement for those food that have a lot of sugar or sweeteners.  

A lot of youngsters are chewing the ice when they have it. They thought that it is ok to eat it and having it in your mouth is good for you. Their excuse would be, it doesn’t contain anything harmful as it doesn’t contain any sweet agents. If you are used to crush the solid ice it would make the part of you tooth vulnerable and easily to break. You can just enjoy drinking cold water instead of having this kind of not so good habit.  

People would have fruits as their main source of vitamins. It is healthy and safe from preservatives added. But too much citrus or acids could not bring a good condition to your molars. This can make the walls of your teeth less strong and will lead to decaying this part. If you enjoy sipping some cold lemon juice or lime beverage in a hot summer day, think twice before having this routine every day.  

For caffeine lovers, usually they take too much of this drink. They can be very helpful in maintaining the balance of our body. Unlucky, for some people who are loving to have more than three to five cups of coffee could not be so well to your tooth. It would leave stain there. If ever that you can’t resist to it, just in take a lot of water.  

Whether you believe or not, sticky foods can be not being better to your mouth. They may stick to different areas inside of it. It is hard to remove even you brush it many times.  

Change yourself to taking water instead of soda. Coke products contain a lot of sugary contents. At the same time, it functions as an acidic refreshment. Teas, and others like cola could make your lips dry inside and out.  

Beers and alcoholic liquid can have the possible effect of dehydration to your mouth. The same goes to the sports beverages. It can help you to be energetic but look at the side effects of it as well.